I love hoverboards (also called a self balancing scooter) and have since I got my first one – and before I got one, I had to ask where can I buy a hoverboard? They are not only fun to ride but practical when you want to get around the city quickly and easily. Sure, you get some weird looks sometimes but I am finding that most of the time now, people are used to seeing them and some even want to stop and ask me questions about it.

Look at the chart below for my top recommendations:

  • Swagtron T1
  • Range: 12+ miles
  • 300 watt motor
  • Charge time: 2-3 hrs
  • Swagtron T3
  • Range: 12 miles
  • 250 watt motor
  • Charge time: 2-3 hrs
  • Hoverzon S
  • Range: 12 miles
  • 300 watt motor
  • Charge time: 2 hrs
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • Range: 12 miles
  • 350 watt motor
  • Charge time: 2-3 hrs
  • Segway MiniPRO
  • Range: 14 miles
  • 1600 watt motor
  • Charge time: 4 hrs

I have looked at a wide variety of different self balancing scooters and have come up with what I believe to be the best one to buy online. They are not only fun to ride but practical when you want to get around the city quickly and easily. Sure, you get some weird looks sometimes but I am finding that most of the time now, people are used to seeing them and some even want to stop and ask me questions about it.

My Hoverboard Reviews

#1 – Swagtron T1

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Having to walk everywhere can get boring fast. Walking is slow, and it can also be uncomfortable, if it is very hot or cold. That is why a lot of people are now using personal transports in the form of hoverboards. Hoverboards are two-wheeled devices, which can balance the user on them using complicated gyroscopic calculations. These devices are small in footprint, and weigh much less, so they can be lifted by an individual. One popular manufacturer in the domain of hoverboards is Swagtron. Swagtron was previously known as Swagway. Swagtron have launched a new self balancing scooter named the Swagtron T1, which we will review now.

The Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is a high quality product that has been designed with safety in mind. It features SentryShield Multilayer protection, which makes the body of the device much more stronger. It also features multilayer protection for the battery, which protects the battery from any incident or accident. The device has a much smoother ride due to its modern stabilizing motor and gear system. It also features non slip footpads, which keep you on the device even when it is accelerating. You can stand on the footpads without any risk of slipping. The device is very user friendly as far as new users are concerned, because it features a special mode for new users. The device can be run in two modes, for new users and for experts. In the new user mode, the device increases its stabilization, so that it is easier for the new rider to control and ride the device.

The Swagtron T1 features hard ABS outer body cover, that protects the device. Its wheels are aluminum, and tires are rubber. The rubber tires are shock absorbent, which makes it easy to ride over obstructions. The maximum weight limit that the device can carry is 220 lbs (100 kg). The minimum weight that the device can carry is 44 lbs (20 kg). The device can reach a maximum speed of 8 mph (12.8 kmh). The minimum cruising speed is 2 mph (3 kmh). Once fully charged, the range of the device is up to 7 to 12 miles. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the device.

The device features bright LED lights, which act as headlights for the device. These can help you navigate even in low light conditions. The dimensions of the device are 23 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches. The weight of the device is 22 lbs (9.9 kgs), which means one can easily carry this device even in one hand. One of the astonishing features of the device is that it can climb over a slope of 30 degrees, which is a very steep slope. A lot of competing hoverboards can only climb a slope of 15 degree maximum, which makes this device all the more special. It has a turning radius of 0 degrees, which means it can turn where you are standing, which is a very interesting feature.

Overall, we find that this is the perfect device for you if you want a good self balancing scooter. It can take you miles from your home base, without needing any charge, and can attain a top speed of 8 mph.

#2 – Swagtron T3

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Hoverboards are the hottest new trend for scooter riders and skateboarders of all cultures and ages. People often refer to these electric boards as hands-free smart boards, self-balancing scooters and drift boards. The manufacturers combined the concepts of the skateboard and the scooter to create these super-awesome hybrid offspring. The Swagtron T3 Hoverboard is one of the latest creations. It’s feature packed, it’s attractive and it has enough swag for Justin Bieber to proudly ride it on TV. Parents can surprise their children with one of these items today, or they can surprise themselves with one. No one is ever too old to enjoy a little hover swag. The model can provide hours of fun for everyone in the household.

How Much Swag Does It Have?

This board is different from other hoverboards because it has much more swag than they have. The matte finish, aluminum wheels and rubber tires are designed in a way that makes the unit look like a Lexus of hoverboards. What’s even cooler about this board is that it comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Riders can listen to diagnostics while they glide, spin and roll through the neighborhood.

The unit can accommodate riders who are between 44 and 220 pounds. The maximum speed of the board is 8 mph. Charging time is approximately one hour. Riders can get up to 12 miles from a charge. The weight of the item is 22 pounds, which makes it highly portable for everyone. It uses a lithium battery with Sentry Shield, and it works on 32 Volts of electricity. The bright LED headlights add to its attraction.

The Goodies

The package comes with a users manual, a Swagtron T3 Hoverboard, and a charger for the unit. The manufacturer does provide a limited warranty for the system.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers are already falling in love with this model. Many shoppers have said that the speed was more than enough for them. Some consumers praised the model for being sturdier than the units that they are accustomed to using. Other people said that the model has amazing speakers on it. The review ratings hover around the 4-5 star mark. Parents can feel confident about buying one of these units for their children. Beginners can feel confident that their experience will be fine. This board is not too complex for someone who has never before ridden a hoverbaord.

Get a Swagtron Today

The Swagtron board is a certified self-balancing scooter. Colors that shoppers can choose are Pink, Black, Blue, White and Dark Red. An Exclusive Gold choice is available for riders who want to have the utmost level of swag. Shoppers can order a unit today and have it delivered to their homes in a significantly short amount of time. It should provide the user with loads of fun and a way to get around town without a vehicle or the efforts of riding a bike. Parents absolutely adore this model for their children.

#3 – Hoverzon S

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The HOVERZON S Self Balancing Hoverboard is also known as an airboard or a hovering Swagway, and it’s grown noticeably in popularity over the past couple of years. Some people may not yet be aware of how these boards work, and they may be surprised to know that these devices don’t truly hover in the true sense of the word. Instead, the Hoverzon uses sensor and hub gyro technology to give the rider a gliding, safe ride that’s as close to actual hovering as possible.

The average seller’s price for one of these hoverboards is around $1,000. It may seem expensive, though owners of the Hoverzon report that it’s money well worth spending. These hovering devices are sturdy, safe, fun to ride, and very viable for commuting relatively short distances. This model has gone through extensive safety testing, and it stands up against the motor overheating as well as normal wear and tear. Some knock-off models of the Hoverzon can sometimes be found online for cheaper prices, but buyers are advised to steer clear because these don’t usually come with the same safety guarantees.

Among self-balancing scooters and boards, the Hoverzon gets the top ratings for performance and speed. Its recorded top speed is about eight miles per hour, leading to some of the most efficient travel times among commuters. After being fully charged, it has up to three hours of battery life, allowing for longer trips compared to some other brands.

The first generation of this board does have a few minor drawbacks, namely that it doesn’t work well with riders of all weights and sizes. Riding the board skillfully is fairly east to learn with practice, though riders who are over six feet tall may experience more difficulty. Some buyers have also reported that the plastic body of this model doesn’t always stand up well to scratches or scuffing. Even with these minor disadvantages, this hoverboard still comes with a great deal of fun and utility for riders.

Like most comparable models, it operates with two wheels attached to a platform with slip-free pads for the rider’s feet. Maneuvering it is mostly a matter of balance and weight-shifting at the right time. Taller riders may experience a bit more difficulty due to having a different center of gravity, but the board has been found to be workable with enough practice.

When purchasing the HOVERZON S Self Balancing Hoverboard or any comparable model, new riders are advised to double check for safety test reports and for a manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Some boards have also been recalled for safety issues, and it’s also recommended to check for any of those recall reports that are usually available for free online. Whenever possible, it’s also a good idea to try out a hoverboard before buying it, in order to get a good idea of what balancing an maneuvering one feels like. As these boards grow in popularity, it’s expected that the technology behind them will continue to see improvements.

#4 – Razor Hovertrax 2.0

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Having a personal scooter that can take you anywhere is the dream device for a lot of people. Walking is not just tiring, it is also slow, and if a device can take you at double the speed, anyone would love to avoid walking and take the device. We are given this opportunity to move at about twice the speed of walking using personal scooters, also known as hoverboards. These devices are made just for one person, and many a times they are small and light enough that they can be carried in your backpack when you are not using them. This makes them very portable, and easy to use. Today we review one such device, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter from Razor. This is the version 2.0 of this scooter, so the company has added a lot of improved features in this device.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter’s body is made out of shatter resistant polymer. The device features fender bumper protection, so that in case you bump against something, the device is not damaged. One is supposed to stand on this device, with both foot firmly planted on its foot platforms. The foot platforms are made up of anti-slip rubber, which means you can easily stand on these platforms without any risk of slipping. And when you are moving at the speed this device can, slippage is definitely a risk that you want to reduce to a minimum. The tires of this scooter are rubber, with aluminum hubs. The rubber is shock absorbent, which makes it easily reduce any shocks from anything in its way.

This personal scooter can be recharged after each use, so that it can be used over and over again. Once recharged fully, the battery can sustain the device for 1 hour or continuous use. The device can go up to the speed of 6 mph (10 km/h), which means it can travel for 6 miles before it needs to be recharged again. The device features two modes: training mode and normal mode. Training mode is for beginners, when they are just learning to ride the device for the first time. Using this mode they can learn to ride without taking undue risks with the device. The battery is a 36V lithium ion battery that is packed with LG cells. This battery can recharge the device fully, so that you can use the device for one hour at full speed.

The device features an LED indicator which can show you battery power remaining, as well as the riding mode that is being used in the device at that time. It also features LED light bars, which are a sort of decoration, and make the scooter look good. The motors of this device are dual motors, which give a power of 135 watt at cruising speed. At maximum speed, the motors give out a power of 350 watt, which is its peak power. This is a very useful and well-designed device, that should help you ride wherever you want to go for years to come.

#5 – Segway MiniPRO

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Having a personal transporter, that can take you anywhere where you want has been the dream of humans since forever. In the past, and even in present, people used to love their bikes, but in this age, we have a new kind of device that can be used to take you anywhere you can walk. This is called the hoverboard, which is a two-wheeled device, that is controlled by a gyroscope, which does not tip even when you ride it. The device is able to balance itself, so that you only have to tilt yourself a bit to make the device go in that direction.

The most popular name in hoverboards is that of Segway, which was launched more than 15 years ago amid much fanfare. The fanfare has not subsided, because the company has been launching newer and better products ever since its first product launch. This time, the company has launched a mini device, that can be used to transport anyone below 220 lbs ( 100 kgs), to wherever they want to go. This is the Segway miniPRO, which is a personal howerboard, with a number of features that are not available in others. For one, it allows you to control it through bluetooth, which makes it very easy to control even using your phone. You can make it go straight, left, right or stop using your bluetooth control. It also has two motors, which give a power of 1600 watts, which make it easily reach velocity of 10 mph (16 kmph). This device is affixed with pneumatic tires with diameter of 10.5 inch, which makes them able to carry you over obstacles of up to 4 inches in height. This makes it very flexible when you are taking it over uneven terrain, such as a park.

The device is also fitted with a knee bar, which is padded, which can be used for better steering. Using this knee bar, you can more precisely control the direction and velocity of the hoverboard, which makes it a very useful addition. The device is fitted with very sensitive sensors, that work behind the scenes to control the device under your direction. If you bend the device towards left, the device will turn left. The same happens if you turn it, or tilt, towards right. If you tilt yourself forwards, the device will pick up speed. You can brake the device by tilting yourself backward. The device basically will constantly scan your body for its tilt, and in whichever way you are tilting, it will move in that direction.

One great feature of Segway miniPRO is its large and air-filled tires. These tires have been tested on a variety of terrains, and seen to be totally suitable for all of them. These tires can absorb shocks very well, so that even when you are not on plain ground, you will not feel any bumps when riding this device. The tires also minimize skidding, and improve traction, which means you are at minimum risk of slipping over any ground.